Improve the feedback culture in your company


Two-way communication

Feedback Time gives the opportunity for a real two way communication. You can also give and ask for feedback to improve and support others in their development.



Thanks to the structured feedback, progress will be measurable, the decision will be well-founded, the operation will be traceable and efficient.



Instead of occasional, even semi-annual feedback, you can get and give feedback as part of your daily routine so that progress can be made in the short term.


Education, training

The aggregated and unique data comes from the Feedback Time show the direction for the preparation of the development plan and also for the selection of the appropriate learning and training method.

Constructive feedback

Feedback Time, in line with today's user habits, encourages the employees to giving and getting constructive feedback with simple, gamified solutions so that it becomes an everyday routine. It uses educational suggestions to support developing the culture of feedback.

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Sending awards

Awards and rewards sent to each other increase the motivation of employees, thus the employee and the company develop together. In the meantime, you are constantly learning and improving in the area of feedback culture.

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Surveys / Training feedback

The Feedback Time survey / training feedback service offers a survey opportunity for leaders, HR managers, trainers. It provides immediate, measurable feedback on the topic of the research, or how effective the training was for participants in developing that particular skill. The application provides measurement results to support making proper decisions and their preparation.

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Dashboard, statistics

As a leader or HR manager, it is extremely important for you to have real-time aggregate statistics that are immediately available, the visibility of individual results and that you achieve all this in an easy-to-understand form. This way, you can not only make a well-established, but also a quick decision and have time for other things to do. Feedback Time makes your life easier and saves you time.

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Support Development Path

Progress-taking data is automatically generated in real-time from Feedback Time. The employee, the manager and the HR see the progress up-to-date: business, career and individual goals and the areas that need to be developed as well. Data plays a key role in preparing and making data-based decisions, not just in the long run, but at any point in time.

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Why is Feedback Time useful?

for leaders?

You can keep your finger on the pulse of your company at all times. You can systematize the information through transparent, structured feedback. Real-time statistics provide you important, objective information about competencies and abilities to making well-established decision. Progress becomes measurable at both the individual and company levels.

for HR?

You may get objective, up-to-date input to put together training plans. Real-time training feedback is also resolved. You can complete or even partially replace the 360-degree feedback. It also points to human factors.

for employees?

You regularly get instant feedback on your actual operation, in real situations. You know what you are good at and what you need to improve. Your visibility is growing. You trust yourself and your company. It becomes easier to connect to other colleagues and teams.

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