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What is The Journey?

The Journey digital solution package empowers you to elevate your employee experience, increase organizational health and efficiency in motivation, well-being, trust, commitment, and reducing turnover.
The four defining areas for which we offer solutions are:

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Why The Journey?


Employee Engagement

Boost employee engagement, support motivation, improve feedback culture and build community in the workplace.


Develop and Learn

Develop your employees' skills and professional knowledge with future proof development programs to achieve your personal and professional goals.


Reducing Turnover

Use our inspiring tools to retain your key employees, attract talents and the next generation of workers. Smooth onboarding and supportive environment makes the company attractive to them.


High Performing Culture

Align goals and actions throughout the whole organisation. Set standards for perfomance management.

Explore The Journey

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Diagnostic Tools

"Pulse-check" type, theme specific diagnostic surveys are necessary in order to get a clear picture of the organization's current state, trust level, change readiness, pain points, and the chance of turnover in time.

What can be measured for you with our solutions:

  • level of trust & trustmap
  • commitment & wellbeing
  • change & future readiness
  • 360 degree feedback
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Connection & Cooperation

The simple integration and development of a feedback culture with rich experience results the connection of colleagues with each other, effective communication and cooperation, and individual, team and company-level development.

Our solutions provide you the following:

  • development feedback
  • feedback on competencies
  • sending KUDOS and Awards
  • company level statistics, dashboards
  • customizable content
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Integration & Learning

The smooth integration of a newly arrived colleague to the company is one of the most important steps in the employee's journey. With the simplified onboarding and trendy trainings, the colleague can feel comfortable in the company as soon as possible and can work efficiently to fulfill business goals.

Our solutions provide you the following:

  • simplified onboarding
  • structured integration
  • inspiration for initial challenges
  • blended learning
  • motivational elements
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Performance & Development

It is important that the setting and management of goals and the performance appraisal take place with as little administration and investment of time and energy as possible. Managers should be real-time and constantly aware of where the colleagues and teams are in achieving their goals.

We support the processes with the following solutions:

  • setting & managing goals
  • up-to-date tracking of results
  • KPIs & dashboard
  • real-time report
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Professional background - Borealis

The Journey is an HR tech solution package developed on the basis of Borealis Consulting's extensive company development experience, research, and analysis. The Journey's applications support integration and learning, connection and collaboration, performance enhancement and development, as well as the preparation of data-based decisions in the company. They raise the level of the employee experience, increasing motivation, well-being, trust, commitment, and reducing turnover.

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